After Katey and I departed Washington DC we headed over to Shenandoah National Park to spend a few days taking the scenic route back home. While we missed the majority of the fall color we still got to see some and lots of breathtaking views as we drove along Skyline Drive.

Unfortunately we did not see any black bears, something I was hoping for, but we did see several deer. They did not appear particularly frightened of the cars, probably not a good thing.

The waterfall is the Dark Hollow Falls and turned out to be quite a hike for the two of us. It would have been a lot easier without having to carry cameras and tripods and the like I bet. Still it was a good adventure and the hike was quite a bit shorter than the others that are available.

We also visited the Natural Bridge which was once owned by Thomas Jefferson. The road we drove in on is actually on top of the bridge but you cannot tell while you are up there. It was neat to visit though I wish we had slightly better light while we were there.

Below the gallery of images I have included a time-lapse video showing Katey and I photographing the sunset that appears in the gallery.